Bcc Will Crash After August 1st

30/07/2017  · Bitcoin Cash Hardfork FAQ. Post author By BitOasis; Post date July 30, 2017; 1- What is going to happen on August 1st? Bitcoin Cash (BCC) is a hardfork proposal that will take effect on August 1 st. This is going to create a split in the Bitcoin network and will result in creating two copies of coins – Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCC). 2- What is going to happen to my bitcoins (BTC) that.

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16 Mar 2020.

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27/07/2017  · Coinbase and many of the other major exchanges cannot support BCC after the fork on August 1st so it is important to move your Bitcoin to a private.

12/07/2017  · There is a lot of confusion on “what is going to happen on August 1st?”. Just to clarify, it is not yet confirmed that Bitcoin will split in two on 1st August. There are series of events that will finally decide the fork. I will try to explain the.

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Retail investors are dangerously exposed to another major correction in August, with analysis revealing the current market.

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Bitcoin Cash Crash August 1st  - Digital Gold Live27 Jul 2017.

If all goes according to plan, August 1st will see the launch of a new cryptocurrency,

behind the project call it — “a new version of Bitcoin:” Bitcoin Cash (“BCC”).

After this fork is behind us, we'll make sure to deploy some.

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02/08/2017  · BITCOIN traders are watching closely as the price of bitcoin cash fluctuates after the cryptocurrency forked yesterday. Here is the latest Bitcoin price, live updates and breaking news.

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